Bruce Larkin

Bruce Larkin

Bruce Larkin is the author of more than 1,000 published books. All of his books are written for Pre-k to second grade readers. He writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and humor books. Bruce’s books are used in more than 50,000 schools in 91 countries all around the world. Bruce’s nickname is “Bruce” so people can call him by his regular name or his nickname, and no one gets confused.

Almost no one addresses Bruce as Mr. Larkin. That’s what the nuns used to call him in Catholic school when he engaged in less than exemplary behavior.

Bruce served in the United States Coast Guard for four years after leaving high school. He was a crewman on a small boat in Florida for a year, and then spent three years as a helicopter mechanic and search and rescue air crewman in New Jersey. Bruce used his GI Bill benefits to attend college after leaving the Coast Guard. Bruce worked at many jobs before becoming an author. All of his old bosses get a tear in their eye when they hear his name. They must really miss him!

Bruce’s writing is a logical outgrowth of his natural curiosity and love of reading. A lot of authors have stories of how they were reading Greek tragedies when they were in kindergarten. Bully for them! All that can be said about Bruce when he arrived in school is that he was a bit younger and a bit chubbier than his fellow pupils.

Bruce learned quickly that he loved to read and write. Those are still his favorite activities, along with eating, traveling, and eating some more. Bruce works with a great group of people called the Book Monkeys. They are featured in many of his books. Bruce hopes his books help inspire children to become lifelong learners!