Jackalopinglish English Definition
almostwolf coyote  
beaudootiful beautiful  
bigtoothcat mountain lion  
brainbreak recess  
carcontroller crossing guard  
cheetahsnooty jealous jealous, like some cheetahs are of a jackalope’s speed
cumwhumpydoo grandchild  
cumwhumpydoos grandchilren  
cumwhumpynana grandmother  
cumwhumpypoppop grandpop  
doot-doot-doot leader of a flaggerdoot
dootroute path or trail that flaggerdoots use regularly
dryplace desert  
eatbackwards to throw up  
fandootabulous fabulous  
fandoottastic fantastic  
flagerdootish working well together
flaggerdoot   group of jackalopes
flamepile campfire  
grubplace cafateria  
handootsome handsome  
humanlightning fireworks  
jackalopeland United States  
jackalopocurious   a person who is very interested in jackalopes
jackalopoldster   any jackalope more than 100 years old
jackalopologist   a person who studies jackalopes
jackaloppicish   very tasty
jackpack backpack  
jackyak   male jackalope
jenka   female jackalope
jagazine magazine  
jayday day  
jayear year  
jazipper zipper  
jeacherleader principal  
jecade decade  
jecond second  
jeek week  
jentury century 100 years
jereal cereal  
jinute minute  
jirthday birthday  
jomework homework  
jonth month  
jooks books  
jour hour  
jurp burp  
jurry hurry  
jutton button  
learnmore student  
littlerain rain shower  
littlerunscared mouse  
longyear leap year  
manytrees forest  
nightsun full moon  
no-noise   someone who is quiet
not-here   someone who is absent
pawcovers shoes, boots, sneakers, etc  
rhymething poem  
slitherhisser snake  
smilespace   someone who is missing a tooth or teeth
snuffleduck   someone with a cold
softhouse tent  
spinnyhead dizzy how a jackalope feels after riding a tornado
stinkyplace outhouse  
superextrajackyakjackalopey   how a jackyak feels when she does something extrodinary
superextrajenkajackalopey   how a jenka feels when she does something extrodinary
talkstop   to be quiet
talltallhill mountain  
toothfixer dentist  
vastgrass prairie  
warmhead   person who has a fever
wetground swamp  
wigglefest   when a group of jackalopes is having so much fun that their ears are wiggling
whirlywindybus tornado  
wobbletooth   someone with a loose tooth